the festival...

| Les Yeux dans L’Eau, France’s International River Film Festival, was inspired by the valley we live in.

The Drôme river, which gave our valley its name, is home to a rich and attentively-preserved ecosystem where wildlife and a number of protected species thrive.

The festival emerged from a strong desire to remind everyone of the beauty and utter fragility of rivers, and to create and maintain awareness about the delicate balance between human presence and natural resources.

Art and beauty grab people’s attention, and rivers have always captured the imagination of artists and activists. We provide a platform to show works inspired by rivers (fiction, documentaries, photography, music…). We hope these works will be the straightest route to people’s minds and awareness.


| Les Yeux Dans l’Eau is the initiative of a non-profit organization, Drôme, ETC, whose mission is to leverage cultural events to raise awareness about environmental and sustainability issues.

Our festivalgoers can screen documentaries and fiction films, view photo exhibitions, engage with experts, discuss essential topics, go on guided walks exploring the local flora and fauna… They can also attend concerts – and of course eat delicious food and drink terrific local micro-brewed beers! And they will very likely meet people from all walks of life and with a wide range of perspectives on how to enjoy, manage and preserve rivers.

The river’s ever changing blue and green hues provide one of the most striking features of our valley. The mixture of natural beauty, outdoor activities, high-quality (mostly organic) food production and a varied cultural offer makes our place quite irresistible.
It is also home to a forward-thinking eco-district/think tank initiative – Biovallée® – that fosters collaboration between businesses, local institutions and individuals to keep making this part of the world a model territory.

All this, right along the river.